Introducing Record Classification

The first of Houdini’s Granular Security solutions, Record Classification ensures users only see the data within the categories they are authorised to see.

Restrict users to just the records they should see.

Houdini’s Record Classification solution allows you to categorise / classify individual records and specify what categories of data users have permission to see.


The categorisation of the record is stored on the record itself.


From a single record to millions, every record can be individually categorised and secured.


All search results are filtered to ensure users only see records in categories they are allowed to see.


Access to child records can be restricted on the categorisation of the parent record.

Built in Flexibility

Three fully separated, independent categories allow records to be categorised and restricted however required. Which means your security can look like:-


With 3 categories we can restrict by say priority, country and department.

In this example the account is visible across all departments in France and Germany


New Child records automatically inherit the categorisations of their parents.

But that can be changed so this opportunity is only visible to

Corporate Finance in France

Case Management

As with opportunities, new cases inherit the account’s categorisations.

Here because the case is about Marketing in Germany we just stop users in marketing viewing the case.

Just a few more things we thought about

The Houdini Granular Security solutions are designed to provide a complete out of the box, ready to use solution. So all our solutions are:-

Easy to Use

Designed to just require configuration, by following our Quick Start guide you can get started within 5 minutes.

Built in Two Stage Change Approval

Our built in, fully customisable, approval process ensures classification changes are captured for validation, checking and approval prior to implementation.

Designed for Performance

Built upon the fundamental changes incorporated within Version 9 of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement.


Designed with integration in mind, our solutions recognise calls from external system and handles them appropriately. 

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