Houdini’s Data Driven Granular Security solutions ensure data is only seen by the users authorised to see it


Designed to meet the stringent privacy and security requirements of Europe’s biggest banks.


Built upon the fundamental changes introduced in version 9 of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, our solutions just need some simple configuration.

Designed to secure your Data

The Houdini Granular Security solutions are designed to provide a configuration only solution to allow data in any Dynamic 365 for CE to be restricted on a record by record, user by user basis.

Built upon the architectural changes made within version 9 of Dynamics 365 we have carefully crafted a number of separate tools to reflect the various requirements we have encountered.

Our current solutions include:

Record Classification

Allows records to be individually categorised / classified across multiple independent categories

Ensures users only see the records in categories they are authorised to see. 

Restricts access to Child records based on the categorisation of the parent record.

Automatically filters search results, so users only see the records they are authorised to see.


Restricted Access

Allows individual records to be flagged as “invitation only” so data can only be seen by users explicit authorised to see it.  

Access to Child records can be restricted against the permissions of a parent record.

All search Results filtered – users only know about records they have access to.


Deny Access 

Stops individual users from viewing individual records

Only those denied access are stopped from seeing them.

Search Results are filtered, users cannot see restricted records


No Development Required

Our Quick Start Guide can get you started in less than 5 minutes..

Houdini’s Granular Security Solutions are designed for use out of the box,no customisation or custom development is required.


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